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Plant Care Tonics Instructions to Use

Plant Care Tonics Instructions to Use


Sacred Leaf Tonic

This ready to go, concentrated, organic blend safely and effectively treats pests, boosts immunity and stimulates growth while offering you a dose of aromatherapy! 

Crafted by Mountain Organics Botanicals, our exclusive blend of essential oils are infused to create the perfect (whole)istic plant tonic. Live sprout extracts, fresh aloe vera, mineral rich kelp, soapnut, and neem extracts keep your leaves pest free, vibrant and shining. A natural and highly effective treatment for aphids, mealy bug, white fly, rust, scale, spider mites, powdery mildew and the dreaded fungus gnats & thrips. This the ultimate foliar spray to knock out all your pest problems!

We encourage you to foliar spray once a month for regular care and leaf cleaning. For existing infestations, spray up to 2 times the first and second week, (we recommend rinsing your plants leaves if possible after your first application to remove any obvious pests first) After two weeks, check for pests before returning to once a month. Always be sure to spray the top soil too while treating for pests! Evening application recommended outdoors or if exposed to direct sunlight indoors. Avoid times of intense light/heat. Spot test and wait 24-48 hours before applying on known sensitive plants. These tonics are nontoxic and completely natural. 

To Use: SHAKE WELL before using! Add 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) of Sacred Leaf Tonic per 16oz water OR 2 teaspoon (10ml) per gallon water.

Sacred Soil Tonic

Crafted exclusively for Sacred Elements by Mountain Organics Botanicals, this concentrated and nourishing tonic treats and prevents dreaded soil borne pests like rotten root aphids, gnarly fungus gnats & thirsty thrips! Sacred Soil Tonic provides readily available nutrients (whole)istically caring for your houseplants and garden. A proprietary blend of concentrated cold-pressed Neem and Soapnut extracts make this the ultimate fertilizer to knock out all your pest problems while activating your plant’s natural immune system to keep them away!

We encourage you to feed plants according to the seasons, following the natural cycles of the earth and sunlight. In the spring when everything is bursting back to life and the sun is returning, add the Sacred Soil Tonic to your watering schedule every week-every two weeks. As the summer arrives,  begin to space out the feeding to twice a month and then gradually, to once a month as we head into fall. During the winter months, as the sun fades, plants photosynthesize less and their need for extra nutrition slows. We give them a rest and skip the fertilizer. If fungus gnats appear during winter months, you can safely treat with our Plant Care Duo Sacred Soil + Sacred Leaf Tonic.

To Use: Add 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) of Sacred Leaf Tonic per 16oz water OR 2 teaspoon (10ml) per gallon water, shake well.


Sacred Plant Care Kit

Our NEWEST collection of curated tonics and tools for the ultimate plant care package. We’ve curated everything you need to keep your houseplants and garden thriving! Sacred Soil and Sacred leaf Tonics are hand crafted to perfection with live sprout extracts, fresh aloe vera, mineral rich kelp, soapnut concentrate, neem leaf, bark and seed extracts plus neem oil to keep your leaves pest free, vibrant and shining. We include sticky fly paper to capture any adult fungus gnats from spreading while you begin treatment and pest prevention. We’ve added a dropper so you get just the right dose of super concentrated tonics, and a beautiful amber glass spray bottle to apply the leaf tonic efficiently. 

We encourage you to allow the tonics to work their magic over a short period of time (a few weeks to a month). They are not an instant fix, but rather a gradual treatment that works with your plants own abilities to fight off pests. (whole)istic plant care!

*NOTE: We package our tonics as concentrates to minimize waste. 

Each 4 oz. amber glass bottle of Sacred Leaf Tonic makes 96, 16oz applications!
Harnessing the power of plants with respect for our planet.

Instructions for Sacred Elements previous Tonics:

Multi-Purpose Tonic
Add 1/2 teaspoon (2.4 ml) tonic to 16 ounces water and mix before applying mixture to soil. We recommend feeding plants 1-3 times a month during spring to fall during their natural growing season, and limit feedings during the winter months to allow the plants to rest.
Neem and Soapnut Tonics (Pest Care Duo)
Add 1/8-1/4 teaspoon Soapnut Tonic to 1/2-1 teaspoon Neem Tonic to 16 ounces of water. Shake well to emulsify and apply as a foliar spray to the entire plant, including a spray on the topsoil. Many pests like thrips and fungus gnats spend some of their lifecycle in the topsoil and need to be treated there as well. Repeat 1-2 times the first week, once the second, third and four weeks. 
*After multiple treatments be sure to wipe off any excess buildup of oils with a soft rag or old t-shirt. 
**Always apply when the plant is out of direct sun as too much light during treatment can burn the leaves. We recommend applying in the evening, especially for outdoor gardens to keep pollinators safe.
This is a natural and holistic approach to pest management and pest prevention and does not work overnight. Instead, it takes time to completely work it's magic against pests, fungus and bacteria infections while nourishing your plant.
Pest Care Duo can also be used as a leaf shine, simply spray the mixture on leaves and gently wipe clean with a soft rag or old t-shirt to remove dust. This allows the plant to photosynthesis easier while giving it a lovely glow!

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