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Sacred Seed 3 Pack

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A collection of our three signature, organically grown seeds for your home and garden.

Poppies grow around the globe from burning deserts to icy tundra! The extensive poppy family include annuals, biennials, perennials, and even small trees ranging from less than an inch tall to an astonishing 20 feet in height.

Our breadseed poppies attract pollinators, produce edible seeds, and pod dry beautifully for year round decor. They grow best in well drained soil, planted in full sun and grow in zones 3-9 but thrive in zones 6-8.

Lunaria or Silver Dollar evokes fond memories and has been grown in home gardens for decades for their iridescent seed pods. Elegant and easy to grow in zones 4-8, these are actually part of the Brassicaceae family (think broccoli). Plant in full to part sun before first freeze or in early spring just after the ground has defrosted. These are technically a biennial plant so depending on the current weather patterns, they can take two years to bloom and produce those magical, luminescent seed pods! Each pack comes with 20 seeds. 

Nigella is often referred to as black cumin, these stunning blue and white flowers bloom all summer and eventually fade away forming seed pods that dry beautifully for year round decor. Their nutritious seeds taste like a cross between oregano and onions and you can enjoy them in curry, sprinkled on top of bread, or eat them raw mixed with honey.

Plant in full sun from late summer to fall for blooms all summer. Thrive in zones 3-10

*Please note, shipping charge include the cost of using 100% recycled packaging. Thank you for supporting our efforts to stay sustainable! 

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