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Plant Care

Introducing the ultimate, all-in-one blend for your plants and for you.

We know that finding pests on plants can be stressful, we’ve been there! So we created a plant-based solution to deal with pests in your home, Sacred Space, and garden.

We package our tonics as concentrates to minimize waste. Each 4 oz amber glass bottle of Sacred Leaf Tonic makes 96, 16oz applications! Harnessing the power of plants with respect for our planet!

"My plants love these tonics! I’ve been using them for several weeks now & can see the benefits. I have one plant in particular that is slightly rootbound but after getting a soak in the soil tonic & a good drench of leaf tonic it has perked up in a very obvious manner! I have continued to use it on that plant & it looks so much happier than it did when I was just using chemical fertilizers. I've also used it on my cuttings in LECA and they have grown super healthy roots and continue to put out new leaves. Both tonics smell nice & I don’t have to worry about breathing in the product when misting my plants because it’s all organic & made from natural products." — Tiffany of Quick and Dirty Gardens
"When I started using the Sacred Leaf Tonic, I was at my wits end with spider mites on my Ficus. I feel like I had tried just about everything (because I had), and nothing seemed to work. I decided to give the leaf tonic a try. Why hadn’t I started using it earlier!? Do yourself a favor and get it before your plants are suffering. The spider mites are gone and haven’t returned in months!" Erin Harding, House Plant Club
"I’ve been battling pests since end of April. After receiving your Sacred Leaf Tonic, I took EVERY SINGLE PLANT and watered, wiped the foliage and then doused it with your tonic. Everything comes in and is immediately quarantined, treated multiple times and then when I see no pests, I move it into the studio. Either way, it’s really nice to know it’s not awful for me to be around. Thank You so much for your dedication to cultivating such a wonderful tincture." —Bobby B., Protea Floral Design