Kelp for your garden and houseplants

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Let's unlock the secrets of primordial plant wisdom as we dive deep into the ingredients that create our botanical tonics.

Our adventure begins at the original source of life — the Sea.

Around 23 million years ago, ancient Kelp Forests began to thrive in shallow oceans and continue to grow throughout the waters surrounding our earth today.


Kelp is a nutrient-rich organism containing potent concentrations of trace minerals, 60 micronutrients (including calcium, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, copper, iron and zinc, a virtual powerhouse! Kelp is also one of the fastest growing protists in the world, reaching an amazing 18 inches in a single day!
We source our kelp from the cold waters of the North Atlantic and extract all that goodness into every bottle of our concentrated plant care tonics as it is high in naturally occurring phytohormones.
What's a photohormone you ask? Great question!
A photohormone is naturally occurring plant molecule that acts as a growth stimulant. In other words, it's a chemical messenger that coordinates the cellular activities of your plants. Amazing, right? But wait, there's more!

Not only is kelp wonderfully beneficial for our houseplant babies and edible gardens, but it's highly nourishing to human cellular activity too.

 Kelp helps fight climate change by absorbing CO2 from seawater, while also creating less acidity in the surrounding water. Kelp forests are sanctuaries for sea life, many of which are endangered. Their roots are holdfasts to sea rocks which slow down currents that then provides ideal environments for more delicate sea life.

Where else do we discover benefits of this amazing algae? Algin (extracted from kelp) is a natural emulsifying agent and can be found in everyday products like shampoo, toothpaste, and ice cream! Kelp in the form of sushi, salads, and toasted nori snacks offer our bodies a wealth of essential nutrients, just as it does for our houseplants!

 Thank you kelp, you wonderful algae you!

Next up, Aloe Vera!

We're so excited to offer our Sacred Plant Care Tonics and to share more about connecting you with our natural world through plant life. We realize we are a small company with big dreams of making our world a better place, but believe that every bottle of concentrated tonic is one tiny step closer to that reality. Thank you for your support friends!

With love,

Karina and Team SE


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