4 Reasons to bring houseplants into the shower

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As many of you know, I love recreating the natural environment of houseplants. One super easy way to do this is by bringing your plants into the shower before, during or after you shower. The ambient humidity helps houseplants like calathea, maranta, monstera, alocasia, air plants,  and ferns feel right at home! It’s also an excellent opportunity to check for pests and rinse off their leaves to remove any excess build up of dust or neem oil (if you’re treating them for pests with our Sacred Duo, Organic Leaf Tonic + Soil Tonic). 

Cleaning your leaves every month or two helps your houseplants to photosynthesis better without fighting through a thin layer of grime. It also gives them some extra hydration during the winter months when heaters are turned up in the house. Not sure about you, but we have forced air heating in our home and the air gets super dry during the holidays and winter months. I know how much I enjoy a steamy shower in the morning to feel refreshed and revitalized, and from years of experience, I see how my plants enjoy this little spa treatment occasionally too!

Another place your houseplants can soak up a little extra humidity is in the kitchen. If you’re someone who cooks often, bring those tropical types into the kitchen while you prepare your next dinner. Steaming vegetables, cooking rice, pasta or soups all create a nice level of humidity your green friends will thank you for!

Here are houseplants who will enjoy a little extra humidity:





Spider Plants

Xerographica (and all air Plants)


Fern (we’ve noticed how our Blue Star and Bird’s Nest Ferns love to soak up the shower steam)



During the winter months we tend to spend most of our time indoors with the heat on. This tends to dry out the indoor air. That’s when humidifiers come out around my house! Both humidifiers and showers help not just our plants, but our health too. Adding humidity to your home supports your lungs, skin and immune system, keeping things hydrated from the outside in. I recommend adding a humidifier to your home this winter for dual purpose health benefits for yourself & your houseplants! I’ve used a few types of humidifiers over the years and have found ToaTronics to be the best. Here’s a link to their website for you: https://www.taotronics.com/collections/humidifier

To Recap: Here are the four benefits I’ve learned to bringing your houseplants into the shower every month or two:

  1. Ambient humidity offers tropical plants a natural environment that helps them thrive

  2. Cleaning the leaves is a perfect way to check for any houseplant pests

  3. Rinsing the leaves removes any excess dust or oils which allow your houseplant to photosynthesize better which in turns helps them to grow more efficiently

  4. Leaves your houseplant with that extra glow! Clean leaves look beautiful and shiny!

Wishing you all a healthy and relaxing start to your holiday season. 

Be well friends,

Karina and the Sacred Elements Team

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  • Hi Karina, thank you for these wonderful tips. We live in a dry climate in southern California, and it’s been tricky keeping our indoor plants happy. I love your suggestion of bringing plants into the shower to give them a boost of humidity—how often would you recommend that we do this? I really appreciate your time!

    Nancy on

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