Aloe Vera, Ancient Plant Wisdom

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Many of us know aloe vera as the best natural remedy for sunburns. Some of us have also used it for digestive support, but did you know this ancient succulent is an incredibly useful supplement for plant health too?

Throughout the ages Aloe Vera has been celebrated for the myriad of regenerative properties it offers. Aloe was medicine in Ancient Greece, Egypt, India, Mexico, Japan and China. Egyptian queens Cleopatra & Nefertiti incorporated aloe vera into daily beauty regimes. In the early 1800's, Aloe was utilized as a laxative and in the mid-1930s it was discovered to also to treat dermatitis. Today we find it in our cosmetics, hair products, toilet paper, and even our yogurt! 

But did you know aloe vera is a super food for plants too?

Although this easy to grow succulent consists of 99% water, the remaining solids contain more than 200 different beneficial chemical compounds. Aloe vera is high in hormones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, saponins, and cellular water plus aloe is rich in amino acids, soluble sugars, sterols, saponins, enzymes, salicylic acid, vitamins and minerals that optimize plant health.

In many ways aloe is beneficial to plant ‘skin’ cells in the same manner it nourishes and replenishes human skin cells! Just another way to build the botanical bridge between you and your green babies.

That's precisely why fresh aloe vera is a key ingredient in our tonics! We infuse that powerhouse of nutrients into every bottle of Sacred Soil and Sacred Leaf Tonic because we believe plants nourishing plants is the best approach to houseplant, garden, and agricultural care.

In our previous blog post Kelp Help we share the benefits of incorporating nutrient dense algae into our tonics. We're excited to continue sharing how aloe and kelp synergize along with soapnut berry and live sprouts to create the base of our botanical tonics.

Feels so good to close the loop and create regenerative solutions for people, plants and planet. We're excited for you to experience our fresh aloe infused plant care too! 

Happy growing and thanks so much for being a integral part of the SE community! 

Be well friends,

Karina and Team SE

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