New to Neem? Ancient remedy for modern plant care

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The fast-growing Neem tree is native to the subtropical regions of the world like
India, the Mediterranean, and Southeast Asia. Virtually every part of the tree is useful! Bark, resin, seed, wood, leaf, flower and stem are used as ingredients in cosmetics, hair products, medicines, dental hygiene, as a source of food, as an agricultural soil amendment, honey, pet care, and insect repellent and treatment. 
Neem is chalk full of antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti inflammatory properties. I could literally go on for pages listing the practical uses this incredibly resourceful tree provides! But today, let’s focus on one theme: Neem as a key ingredient in our plant care tonics. On its own, Neem provides a good base for treatment against pests, BUT when infused with other medicinals inside in our tonics like Soapnut berry, fresh aloe, and kelp, Neem takes on new life and becomes a highly effective natural treatment for preventing and battling pests, fungus, and bacterial infections on your houseplants and in your garden. Neem works in a variety of ways to boost your plant's own natural immune system while combatting plant pests.

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Here's how:

  • Neem is an insect repellent, insects are not attracted to your plants once applied. 
  • Neem is a hormone disruptor, so pests do not reproduce effectively if they are already on your plants.
  • Neem is an appetite suppressant, so the insects who have already set up homes on your plants no longer thrive and grow to reproduce or spread.
  • Neem is technically edible making it perfectly safe to apply up until the day you harvest edibles in your home or garden.
  • Neem doesn’t pollute our streams or rivers like synthetic fertilizers and insecticides, instead it actually feeds the earth with healthy, soil boosting nutrients!


Sacred Plant Care Duo  concentrated plant tonics to treat a variety of home and garden issues, naturally

Up until a few years ago, I had a hard time using Neem oil successfully for a few reasons. First of all, I simply didn’t understand how it worked. I thought one treatment was enough to rid my plants of pests or infection….nope! But then why were people still using this natural remedy if it didn't work?

Here's what I learned.

One- Neem is not like synthetic, chemical based products on the market with ingredients that yes, may initially wipe out pests, but often leave your already struggling plant in an even more delicate state and your home or garden full of harsh toxins. Instead, Neem is a gentle, holistic treatment with regenerative benefits, that slowly wipes out pests and infections while it boosts your plant's own immune system. Our plant care products are infused with Neem for this unique benefit, plus, you can literally drink it! (Not that we are encouraging you to sip on our plant tonics, but just knowing that you could feels pretty good to us! I've taste tested our Soil Tonic- sweet and full of delicious aromatics!

Two- I didn’t like how the Neem oil mixed (or rather didn’t mix) and left a gloppy, oily, often chunky residue on the leaves. I’d been told countless times to just add a dash of castile or dish soap to emulsify the oil, but quickly learned how that is actually quite harmful to the cuticle layer of the leaves of your already compromised plant. Not a good idea! And that my friends, is when I learned about the magic of Soapnut! YES! another tree based oil to the rescue!

This amazing oil derived from the berries of the Soapnut Tree emulsifies Neem to perfection, making it easy to apply in a delicate mist that penetrates leaves beautifully. We now offer this lovely solution in our shop with our Sacred Leaf Kit.  I also put together a quick but thorough deep dive into emulsification education for those of you interested! You can find it here in our blog post  What's Saponin

I’ve been treating our houseplants with Sacred Plant Care Duo for nearly three years now with incredible results, and more recently tried them out in the garden to see how they would perform against aphids and leaf miners. I am thrilled to report that they worked their magic out there too!

So happy to share this knowledge and these incredible tonics with you all as the Sacred Elements community continues to expand, learn and thrive! Happy growing to you all. 

Be well friends!

With love,

Karina and Team SE

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