Sacred Elements is Natural World Therapy

I saw your videos on Pinterest and fell in love with the serenity, earthy, and calming nature. Sacred Elements has taught me so much about my relationship to the natural world and our part in it. I keep coming back for tips, tricks, or to just hear Karina’s soothing voice narrate a video on a stressful day.

Born from a desire for moments of tranquility and connectedness, founder Karina Aldredge creates Sacred Spaces in her home and around the world. Surrounded by plants, elements, life, she teaches how to thrive in a new way while connecting with nature daily, from inside your home. 

It delivers a sense of calm and reminds us of the lessons of Universal sacred geometry: there is no beginning and no end. People and planet - we are all connected.

She is also the proud nurturer of hundreds of house plants across all varietals. Her intrinsically curious nature had let her to find and develop ways to care for plants, while also lessening the impact on the environment. In 2020, Sacred Elements introduced its holistic plant care line of organic products, the first of their kind on the market.

Sacred Elements believes the practice of experiencing the natural world exactly as it is, anytime, anywhere, makes a person happier, impacts our societal well being and that of the planet. It is free and accessible to all.

It started with your lovely Marimo Moss balls and now, it’s extended to your whole business. I find myself checking your site every week for updates or new surprises!