Sacred Plant Care Duo: Soil Tonic (4oz) + Leaf Tonic (4oz)

Sacred Plant Care Duo: Soil Tonic (4oz) + Leaf Tonic (4oz)

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We recommend our Duos to address most of your Houseplant care needs.

This Sacred Plant Care Duo includes:
1 Sacred Soil Tonic (4oz) + 1 Sacred Leaf Tonic (4oz)

    Sacred Soil Tonic and Sacred Leaf Tonic are highly effective and safe all-natural liquid fertilizer and foliar feed for your Houseplants and Garden.

    Please visit the individual product pages and our FAQs page to learn more about the benefits, composition and use instructions of each product included in this Kit.

    Labels are plastic free, made of bio stone. Please reuse your bottle! Thank you for supporting our efforts towards being a zero waste company! 

    And to deepen your knowledge on how to care for your Houseplants, please visit our Community Resources blog page and follow Sacred Elements on your preferred Social Media platform.

    Harnessing the power of plants with respect for our planet.

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