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Sacred Tonics FAQs

The base of all our tonics begins with this botanical infusion:

FRESH Aloe vera: high in growth hormones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, saponins & cellular water 

Kelp: Trace minerals, 60 micronutrients, growth hormones, amino acids, vitamins & enzymes 

LIVE Sprout Blend: Fresh, living sprouts high in all the phytohormones, enzymes, minerals and cellular water 

Mineral rich extracts of nutrient accumulating herbs such as Comfrey, Horsetail, Nettle, Yarrow and Alfalfa

When stored in a cool, dark, and dry spot our tonics are shelf stable for at least four years. By that time, your plants will have already drank the whole bottle!

Absolutely! The mixture is best used within 2 months stored in the fridge.

Through our own research along with our customer’s experience, pests like fungus gnats, spider mites, root aphids, thrips, scale, mealybugs don’t survive on plants grown using our tonics. Consistency with soil drenches and foliar applications is key, especially when knocking out the whole life cycle of soil borne pests. Keep at it and your plants will thank you!

For soil borne pests like fungus gnats and root aphids, we recommend giving your plants a Sacred Soil Bath using Sacred Soil Tonic at every watering. For optimal results and to speed up your plant’s recovery, pair this ritual with using sticky fly paper. We find cutting the paper into smaller pieces and sticking it in the pot most effective as the larvae hatch and immediately get trapped. Spray the top two inches of your soil with Sacred Leaf Tonic to ensure maximum benefits when ridding soil borne pests. 

For all other pests, we suggest giving you plants Sacred Soil Baths in addition to spraying your plants (Be sure to spray the fronts and undersides of leaves, stems, petioles, etc) with Sacred Leaf Tonic once a day for a few days. Take a day off and observe any changes, then continue with the tonics every other day for a week. Spray every two days the following week then continue at once a week going forward. 

This Tonic contains plant medicine extracts such as neem seed, leaf, and bark that work synergy with microbes in the soil. In their native habitat, neem trees form beneficial mycorrhizal relationships with the soil in addition to protecting against pests and pathogens. As they shed their leaves, organic matter is returned to the Earth and soil fertility is enhanced. Through decomposition, earthworms, mycorrhizal fungi, and micro flora are all magnetized to this nutrient rich detritus creating a biologically abundant closed loop system. 

In the same way neem trees create symbiosis with surrounding soil life, watering in your plant babies with Sacred Soil Tonic encourages healthy life to flourish while wiping out any unwanted pests or pathogens. Our tonics restore balance in soil soil systems for health that radiates from the inside out. 

-Absolutely not! Sacred Soil Tonic was specifically formulated for soil drenching for simultaneous IPM and fertilization. This Tonic contains plant medicine extracts such as neem seed, leaf, and bark that work synergy with microbes in the soil. Neem alone has been shown to attract earthworms, mycorrhizal fungi, and micro flora + enhances overall soil fertility. Soil drenching with Soil Tonic encourages healthy life to flourish while wiping out any pests or pathogens in the soil. 

Our tonics actually attract pollinators with terpene rich plant medicines such as lemon verbena, peppermint, and citrus. These plants all contain compounds that attract pollinators and beneficial insects while also warding off pests! These plant medicines have an innate intelligence and built in mechanisms to protect themselves These same compounds the plant produces are extracted, concentrated, and infused into our tonics for plants to absorb. Because of this, when you spray your garden, you actually may notice pollinators buzzing around afterwards! It's basically all of their favorite aromas all in a single location!

Sacred Soil Tonic can be used as both a soil drench and foliar feed. We recommend using 10ml tonic/gal water, mixing well (or blending), and watering into the soil or spraying your whole plant with. For heavy feeding plants we recommend doing up to 20ml/ 1 gal water. 

Sacred Leaf Tonic is best used solely as a foliar spray once weekly for regular care and leaf cleaning or more frequently if dealing with an active pest infestation. We recommend using 10ml tonic/ 1 gal water, mixing well (or blending), and spraying down your entire plant. Be sure to spray the fronts and undersides of leaves, stems, petioles, etc to ensure every inch of your plant is able to drink in the plant medicines! Evening application recommended, avoid times of intense light/heat. Spot test sensitive plants & wait 24-48hrs before applying to the entire plant(s). SHAKE BOTTLE WELL BEFORE USE! For extra strength use 15ml/ gal water. 

*We have found more velvety leaved plants thrive on a slightly lower dosage of Sacred Leaf Tonic. 5ml tonic/ gal of water seems to be the sweet spot to get them glowing. 

 For Sacred Soil Tonic, we recommend you soil drench once weekly or whenever your plants need to be watered during the growing season. 

When using Sacred Leaf Tonic, we recommend you shower plants once weekly or more often during an active pest infestation. 

When daylight starts decreasing as winter approaches, we recommend using less if you don’t have supplemental lighting in your space. You can either half your regular dosage or apply our tonics at the regular dosage just once or twice monthly. 

Pour 10-20ml Sacred Soil Tonic into a vessel with a lid

Add water 3/4 way full

Shake hard until foamy, then add the rest of the water to fulfill the proper ratio (10-20ml/gal)

Alternatively, you can pour this solution into your blender and blend for 30 seconds 

Pour *slowly* and enjoy the sound of saponin-rich botanicals sinking into your soil nourishing your plants from the inside out