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Mega Marimo

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We are excited to share our limited supply Mega Marimo! Each measure 2"-3" and are estimated 15-20 years old. Offering them as individual pieces to share the Marimo magic! Grab one quick while they last and add to your Marimo collection!

Marimo “Moss balls“ (are actually a unique form of algae). They can live up to 200 years. Their folklore tells the tale of two lovers who were forbidden to be together. Heartbroken, they both fell into the water and drown, and their hearts became the first Marimo. Because of this sweet story, Marimo are often given as gifts to signify love and commitment. (And great gifts for weddings and birthdays!) They are literally gifts that can be passed down for generations. How cool is that?!

Our fresh supplies of Marimo have been sustainably sourced and lovingly cared for by Karina until they are vibrant green and lush and ready for your home. We take extra care to nourish and love them up until they are in their healthiest state so we can send you something we know will thrive!

Each order is shipped in a compostable bag.

They are sensitive to heat and light, so we will only be able to ship within the continental USA.

Be sure to unpackage them quickly and place in cold tap water out of direct sunlight. Instructions included in each order. More about care for these fun, aquatic plant friends on our FAQ’s or you can watch our YouTube video here

Be sure to grab a bottle of our Marimo Salt to keep them extra happy!


*Apologies but no international shipping

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