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Sphagnum Moss Poles

***Our ethically gathered sphagnum moss source is currently out of stock and waiting for new growth! Please check back in a few months.

Our Moss Pole. The perfect addition to your Monstera and climbing and vining plants!

Long-fibered sphagnum moss is not peat moss, but rather a perennial plant that grows wild in the Central Wisconsin sphagnum bogs. Sphagnum is a renewable resource growing back in the same bogs every 5-7 years, so using this long-fibered sphagnum does not destroy our precious wet lands.

Because of its abilities to both absorb and hold 20 times its weight in water and repel bacteria, moss has been heralded by horticulturists as the best solution to several basic gardening problems. The pole does shed a bit in transit, but once rehydrated and placed in the soil it will offer a lovely support system for your houseplant. Mist regularly to keep soft and hydrated and to encourage aerial roots to take hold.

Our moss poles are made from sturdy, homegrown bamboo, and hand wrapped by Karina with fresh, sustainable sourced Sphagnum moss and tree/sheet moss. We offer two sizes 15” and 18”. When poles arrive, give them a healthy misting with water as they shed a bit when dried out. Then, insert the bottom few inches into the soil (trying your best to avoid any roots) and press firmly down on the soil to secure in place, then water the soil and press down one more time. Gently tie a few stems next to the pole with jute twine, strips of cloth (repurpose an old t-shirt) or plant ties then watch as your vining friends happily grow up!

Check out this article on how to use moss with your houseplants!

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