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Xerographica Tillandsia a gorgeous bromeliad hailing originally from Southern Mexico and Central America. We are offering 3 sizes of this air plant. Ours small size is approximately 4” around, medium is 6" and large approximately 10" around.

For an air plant to thrive, you need to create a situation that avoids rotting their delicate root. Water can pool up and not thoroughly dry out and once that happens, there is no turning back.

  • Soak your air plant in water once every 10-14 days depending on your indoor humidity. If your home is dry, soak every 10 days, if it is fairly humid, then more like every 14 days.

  • Treat them extra sweetly by soaking them in a large bowl of rain water or spring water if possible, this gives them access to naturally occurring minerals. Place them in, head first and soak for 15 minutes.

  • Next, the most important step—remove from the water and flip upside-down to let those crevices dry out. That’s where water can hang out and cause the fatal rotting situation. I recommend using a soft bathroom or dishtowel underneath your Xerographica to give it a nice, soft cushion.

  • Allow them to dry, face down for at least one hour. This time gives them plenty of time dry after their soaking & prevents any root rot from occurring.

  • Then feel free to transfer them to their home in indirect light, or east facing direct light is good too. They make a stunning holiday centerpiece on a beautiful dish or tray, or hang them up on a wall.

They love a kitchen or bathroom atmosphere. You can even bring them into the shower! I just wrote a blog post about this subject if you’d like to explore a little more.

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