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Xerographica Tillandsia a gorgeous bromeliad hailing originally from dry tropical and subtropical areas in Southern Mexico and Central America. We are offering 3 sizes of this air plant. Ours small size is approximately 4” around, medium is 6-8".

For plants to thrive in our homes, we’ve found that recreating a natural environment is key! For air plants like our lovely Xerographica, that means a high humidity, medium light situation. To avoid rotting their delicate root system where water tends to pool up (the main reason they can be seemingly health one day and then fall apart the next) we have a few easy tips for you.

Here are a few things we’ve found work best for keeping these living art pieces thriving:

Soak your air plant in water once every 10-14 days depending on your indoor humidity. If your home is dry, soak every 10 days, if it is fairly humid, then more like every 14-21 days.

Treat them extra sweetly by soaking them in a large bowl of spring water or collected if possible, rain water, this gives them access to naturally occurring minerals. Place them in the bath of room temp water head first and soak for 15 minutes.

•Next, the most important step—remove from the water and flip upside down to let those crevices dry out. That’s where water can hang out and cause the fatal rotting situation. Place a soft towel underneath your air plant to give it a nice, soft cushion to rest on while drying.

•Allow them to dry, face down for at least one hour. This time gives them plenty of time dry after their soaking & prevents any root rot from occurring.

•Then feel free to transfer them to indirect or east facing direct light location, just avoid direct sunlight as they can sunburn!

  • They love a kitchen or bathroom atmosphere. You can even bring them into the shower! We just wrote a blog post about this subject if you’d like to explore a little more.

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