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This concentrated tonic treats and prevents dreaded soil borne pests like rotten root aphids, gnarly fungus gnats & thirsty thrips! Sacred Soil Tonic provides readily available nutrients (whole)istically caring for your houseplants and garden. A proprietary blend of cold-pressed Neem and Soapnut Oils make this the ultimate fertilizer to knock out all your pest problems while activating your plant’s natural immune system to keep them away!

We encourage you to allow the tonics to work their magic over a short period of time. They are not an instant fix, but rather a gradual treatment that works with your plants own abilities to fight off pests.

For fungus gnats we recommend using Sacred Soil along with Sticky Fly Paper for quicker results! We  feed plants according to the seasons, following the natural cycles of the earth and sunlight. In the spring when everything is bursting back to life and the sun is returning, add the Sacred Soil Tonic to your watering schedule every week-every two weeks. As the summer arrives, begin to space out the feeding to twice a month and then gradually, to once a month as we head into fall. During the winter months, as the sun fades, plants photosynthesize less and their need for extra nutrition slows. We give them a rest and skip the fertilizer. If fungus gnats appear during winter months, you can safely treat with our Sacred Soil Tonic and Fly Paper as detailed in our Top 5 Ways to Remove Fungus Gnats 

* Crafted exclusively for Sacred Elements by Mountain Organics Botanicals

To Use: SHAKE WELL before using! Add 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) of Sacred Leaf Tonic per 16oz water OR 2 teaspoon (10ml) per gallon water.

*NOTE: We package our tonics as concentrates to minimize waste. 

Each 4 oz amber glass bottle of Sacred Leaf Tonic makes 96, 16oz applications!

 Harnessing the power of plants with respect for our planet.

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