Tonics Frequently Asked Questions

What's inside the Sacred Tonics?
What are the instructions for using the Tonics?
What is the shelf life of the Tonics?
How can I create the creamy foamy Sacred Soil Bath?
Can I premix a batch of Tonics?
What pests can you treat with the Sacred Tonics?
How do I use the Tonics to get rid of pests?
Will the Tonics harm microbes in the soil?

I noticed mold growing on the topsoil after feeding my plant with the Sacred Soil Tonic, what's happening here?
How does Sacred Soil Tonic feed microbes in the soil?
Are the Tonics for Indoor Plants only or can they be used for Outdoor Plants and Garden?
Are the Tonics harmful to pollinators or beneficial insects?
How often do I use these Tonics on my plants?
Can I use the Soil Tonic with Leca?
Do the Tonics work for food gardens?
Can I use the Tonics with Orchids?
Are the Tonics pet safe?
Are the Tonics safe for all plants?

Marimo Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the history of Marimo?
Are Marimo endangered? Are they sustainable?
Are Marimo a good "plant" choice for beginners?
How do I keep the Marimo?
How often should I clean my Marimo?
How long can Marimo live?
Can you put other plants or animals in with Marimo?
Why do they float or sink?
Why is the surface of the water getting slimy?
My Marimo is unraveling. Is there something wrong? What can I do?

Seeds Frequently Asked Questions

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