Best Tips for Matching Pots with Plants

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Here we learn which pot choices will provide you with the best plant parenting experience! We'll guide you to choosing the right combination for your unique lifestyle. This method alleviates any extra stress or unexpected surprises and allows you to truly enjoy your green journey!

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to start with our two minute Plant Parent Personality Quiz! Be sure to come right back here for our best potting suggestions and guidance.

Link below to learn which plants best suit your lifestyle:

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Terra-cotta, glazed ceramic and vintage/unique containers with no drainage holes

*self watering pots are not something we recommend 

Terra cotta: Unglazed terra cotta pots are porous and wick moisture away from the soil, making them wonderful vessels for cacti and succulents. They can also be a perfect fit for the nurturer houseplant personality because it's nearly impossible to overwater a plant potted up in a well-draining terra cotta vessel.

Glazed ceramic: Glazing renders a ceramic pot non-porous which enables it to retain moisture for longer periods of time. These types of pots are a perfect match for water-loving houseplants like calathea, maranta, papyrus, and ferns (and a good match for the laid back personality too).

Vintage/unique pots with no drainage: If you have a lovely heirloom vessel or unique container but it lacks drainage holes to allow excess water to drain he out, then you have a few choices:

  1. Catch pot: Reuse a slightly smaller nursery or repurpose a to-go container (add drainage holes) that will nest easily inside the outer decorative pot, this is called a catch pot. To hide the rim of the plastic pot  you can use moss around the edges or simply trim away the top edge. After each watering, empty any excess water that has drained into the cachepot or simply pop the plant out, bring it to the sink to water before replacing back into the catch pot. ***When using our Sacred Soil Tonic, be sure to catch all that liquid gold draining out to water another plant!
  2. Plant directly into the pot. This requires a bit more attention, but is a good choice for those who like to pay attention to small details as you’ll need to be extra-careful not to overwater. This method takes a bit of time and experience to master, but if you are up for it, you’ll have more potting options!

 ***Sustainable Tip: Repurpose cleaned to go or plastic food tops and lids as free repurposed saucers.

Here are in depth tips for learning to pot without drainage holes.

 Happy growing dear ones!

with love,

Karina and Team SE

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