Plant Parent Personality, Take the Quiz!

Posted by Karina Aldredge on

What type of plant parent are you? Are you a nurturer that loves to shower your green babies with constant attention or rather someone who adores the idea of houseplants but actually caring for them causes a bit of anxiety?

Here’s a little peek into our Plant Parent Personality Quiz to help identify your parenting style. We divided it up into three categories:

Nurturera helicopter plant parent who showers each plant daily and often over does it with the watering bit!! 

Consistent: you prefer a weekly schedule to care for your green friends

Laid Back: you water &  feed your plants after noticing their leaves beginning to droop and wilt away 

One of those sound like a match? We encourage you to take our two minute quiz to learn which houseplants we recommend for your personality!

Take the Plant Parent Personality Quiz here!

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Happy growing dear ones!

with love,

Karina and Team SE


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