Plant Care Tonics Instructions to Use

We are  thrilled to share our favorite holistic plant medicines with you! All are crafted with the utmost regard for the health of our earth and your plants. Here’s Karina’s advice on best ways to use them:

Multi-purpose Tonic: This organic, plant powered fertilizer adds a wealth of nutrients to your soil. In my home, I feed my plants according to the seasons, following the natural cycles of the earth and sunlight.

In the spring when everything is bursting back to life and the sun is returning, add the Multi-Purpose Tonic to your watering schedule every week-every two weeks. Continue for a few months and as the summer arrives, begin to space out the feeding to twice a month and then gradually, to once a month as we head into fall. During the winter months, I water less often and, as the sun fades, I give the plants a rest too and skip the fertilizer all together.

YES! It is safe to use this tonic while treating with our Pest Care Duo!

*Mix: 2 tsp Multi-Purpose Tonic to 1 gallon of water* This is super concentrated material and will go a long way! 

Organic Neem & Soapnut Oils: Wild crafted & cold pressed from carefully stored neem seeds, this incredible oil is more than just a plant pest treatment, it’s a highly nourishing tonic for your plant too!  Neem is extracted from the seed kernels of the fast growing, tropical evergreen tree renowned for its healing properties. Every part of the Neem tree has a beneficial use; the leaf, twigs and bark are used in tea, skin care, dental care, pet care, lotions & cosmetics. Neem is non pesticidal and used in place of synthetic pesticides. It does not kill insects, but acts as a repellent and egg laying deterrent while also repressing the eggs from hatching. 

 Using Neem as pest control was, until now, a bit tricky because of its oily composition. However, when mixed with Soapnut and water, it emulsifies brilliantly to cover the leaves, plant and soil to effectively rid your plant of harmful pests.  Please keep the oil at room temperature (60-80 degrees) an hour before use and shake well before measuring for your pest care mix for best results. 

 It's best to apply the Plant Pest Duo as a foliar spray in the evening, to ensure your plants are out of direct sunlight. I also like to wipe down or rinse off the leaves with tap water after it has had time to penetrate, (overnight is good) and then rinse off between applications which allows the plant to photosynthesize more easily and avoids any oil build up after multiple applications. It’s not necessary to rinse off the leaves if you keep your plant out of direct sunlight, just a suggestion for an even happier plant! After serveral applications we recommend cleaning your leaves too. Take a soft cloth or old t-shirt and get it damp, then gentle support leaves and wipe off any excess oil from the front and back of each leaf.

 *.Add 1/4 teaspoon Soapnut oil to 1 tsp Neem oil into 16 oz water bottle and shake well for 30 seconds. Use this mix as a foliar spray and apply to topsoil when combating pests. It’s super-concentrated, a little will go a long way! If you are using this duo as a preventive and/or to clean your leaves, just mix up a half strength dose of the Neem and Soapnut!

 It is safe to feed your plants with our Multi-Purpose while treating them with the Pest Care Duo. Please just be sure to mix according to instructions and keep out of direct sunlight while treating your plants. 

 *Any unused portion of the mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks. Be sure to shake well before each use. 

Thank you for choosing these organic, plant based, natural remedies.
Happy growing! With love, from Sacred Elements