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Cold extracted botanicals of fresh aloe, kelp, living sprouts, soapnut berry & mineral rich herbs are infused into the base of both Sacred Tonics.

These organic plant medicines nourish your plants wholistically and work as an all-in-one solution for soil drenching and foliar feeding. Our tonics simultaneously fertilize, treat & protect against pests, while activating your plant’s natural immune system.

This means healthier, more pest RESISTANT plants over time.

the greater


The deeper purpose of our Sacred Tonics is to Regenerate Soil. Whether within your home or outside in your garden, the health of our soil is vital to human health and the health of our Planet. Our Vision is that every farmer, gardener, and plant parent can transition from chemical and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that have contributed gravely to the state of our world, to a pure and 100% Clean, Plant Based Botanical Formula that is safe, nourishing and regenerating to All.

We believe that a healthy world begins in the Soil.

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infused with living plant medicines

Our Sacred Tonics are made with living botanicals that feed the microbes in our soil, naturally strengthening your plant's immune system

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