“I was at my wits end with spider mites on my ficus! When I started using the Sacred Leaf Tonic, I feel like I had tried just about everything (because I had) and nothing seemed to work. I decided to give the Leaf Tonic a try. Why hadn’t I started doing this earlier? Do yourself a favor and get it before your plants are suffering. The spider mites are gone and haven’t returned in months!”

- Erin Harding, House Plant Club



“I had an ivy and a baby monstera that were riddled with spider mites and I have used the Sacred Leaf Tonic every third day for about two weeks now and now everybody is thriving! I just watered everyone with the Sacred Soil Tonic today for the first time so we will see how that goes! Also love that you can’t even smell the neem oil.”

- @lillkell



“I literally had to do it ONCE and they were gone (fungus gnats). I gave the soil a nice tonic soak and drenched the bottom of the stems and leaves and the top soil with the leaf tonic and they were completely gone.”

- @spoonfullofsatin



“My plants and I absolutely love your products. This may be my new favorite!! Thank you so much!”

- @freejinns7



“I can barely find the fungus gnats now after using Sacred Soil and Leaf Tonics for the past month”

- @balancewithlila



“Holy crap, look at how these leaves are standing straight up and are looking so healthy. Before your soil and leaf products, they were drooping to the floor! And it also just sprouted a happy new leaf!”

- SL



“My poor bird of paradise had been suffering for months and I didn’t know what to look for until I found your products. One month of leaf and soil tonics and a leaf that had not grown out enough to unfurl without tearing stalled growth for three months is now four inches taller and healing.”

- @keeleyronan




“After 3 uses we have ZERO bugs!! It’s amazing.”

- @lulooou




“I don’t know how you feel about using natural products but I LOVE the natural Soil and Leaf tonics @sacredelements sells. They worked great for me personally.”

- @kcgotplants



“I can’t say enough good things about these tonics. I love them so much and I swear by them! My plants absolutely love this stuff. I never have issues with pests, their foliage looks great, and the soil is healthy. It’s really fun for me to do the Sacred Soil Tonic blend. It’s like I’m giving my plant loves a latte!”

- @nature_vibes_5



“I don’t often connect with many books, but Karina’s Sacred Elements Guidebook beautifully pens the feelings and thoughts I have surrounding our natural world. After buying my first succulent years ago, I suddenly began seeing them in places I hadn’t noticed them before but knew they were always there. As you begin to appreciate all the beauty there is out there, the frequented paths you take become a little longer, and my many stops to capture each moment of magic truly fills me with joy, especially the micro ones! Finding beauty around you will become a daily ritual once you notice Karina’s guided experiences in your everyday life.


Since reading this book, I try to taste every flower I can and touch every texture I may, pushing out all the urban sounds to focus on the natural. Over the years I’ve slowly turned every corner of my home into it’s own sacred space, and I wouldn’t have done this or understood it as a place for grounding and instilling peace if it wasn’t for Karina and the Sacred Elements she shares with us every day!” 

- Linzi Megan Nee



“I am seeing massive growth on my plants! Thank you so so much for these magical blends.”

- @earthtoyou.co



“I seriously need one of those little baby mics to get the sound of the foam and not my Aero gardens loud humming. I was harvesting my Aloe Vera to make a few different things (plant use and personal use) and I LOVE the foam effect it gives. @sacredelements definitely makes a super professional effective product.”

- @indoortropicalgoddess



“I love the smell of your tonics! Freshens up the place and makes my babies green and shiny.”

- @caitlinmaryjane



“It’s working!! My plants are getting swollen and fighting off the pests! I was ready to throw them in the garbage.”

- @santosharose



“Thanks for making basically everything in the shipping compostable”

- @maceymeyer



“Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of your help and I’m really excited to start using your products on my plants. You have been so incredibly helpful. I will be using your products in the future and will be referring you to all my friends.”

- @reagansuarez



“I've been using your Plant Tonics ever since you released them and they've been such a blessing. The Leaf Tonic is part of mental health routine. Thank you for your insight and everything you're doing for the World and all of the Plant Community.”

- @pepperandjess



“Thanks for having such cool products for our plants!! They're so happy!!”

- Brit



“I listened to you on Earthspeak podcast recently and wow it spoke so dearly to my heart. I'm homebound due to my health and the Sacred Space just lit me heart up!! My husband and I created one right after. You're such a ray of sunshine!”

- @sunnyandlouisee



“We love these Tonics. The best treat for these plants. My plant babies have struggled with the births of my human babies. I'm so glad to have this tonic nourishment to offer them.
So inspired by you. My life feels like 100% mother in this chapter. I have felt so much inspiration from watching your connection to plant spirit and how you live authentically.”

- @elissacirignotta



“Can't wait to be living pest free again and doing so without all the harsh chemicals! Thank you for helping restore hope that my monstera will make it through the mealys :) ”

- @theallyshake