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If you notice light tan to dark brown colored, oval shaped, flat bugs clustered together and surrounded by sticky, clear droplets of 'honeydew' on your leaves, most likely you've discovered a scale infestation. These little insects are tiny but mighty sap feeding destroyers of houseplants and gardens alike. They are insidious, affecting seemingly healthy plants meanwhile the plant’s life-force is being sucked dry leading to an eventual decay.

But no need to worry friends! We've tested our Sacred Tonics against these pests and are excited to share that we have found success, and the results are our happily glowing houseplants!

When this plant arrived, it was FROSTED with scale eggs and scale.  

Pre tonic life, this would have been a long, stressful uphill battle, but it actually became a beautiful transformation to facilitate. It took a little over a month using our Sacred Tonics to completely eradicate the scale. Being consistent with this Sacred Plant Ritual is vital for success.

Here’s how we did it:



Week 1

For the first week, this princess got a Sacred Leaf Shower using Sacred Leaf Tonic at 15ml/gal (extra strength dosage for active pest infestations). We sprayed the first application and used a paper towel to wipe off all the scale visible and disposed of the paper towel.

Then sprayed again for the next three days in a row and then took a day off. We continued in this pattern for the first ten days making sure to keep our plant out of direct sunlight during this first stage of treatment as the leaves are more sensitive to UV light while coated in multiple doses of Sacred Leaf Tonic.

During the entire treatment process, this plant also received a dose of Sacred Soil Tonic at every watering for an added layer of pest protection from the inside out.


Weeks 2-4

Over the next few weeks, we sprayed with Sacred Leaf Tonic every 3 days and continued in this pattern until there were no longer new eggs being hatched. From here, we adjusted back to our regular ritual: weekly showers for maintenance. Spraying this plant was key in not only washing off the scale and their eggs physically, but also in making this plant inhabitable for these pests. For added pest treatment and protection, we sprayed the topsoil with Sacred Leaf Tonic once a week.

 Flash forward to today….this princess is thriving!


Dealing with pests doesn’t need to be stressful anymore. Enjoy the ritual and relax knowing that you are giving your plant babies a nutritious drink, cleaning off debris, and building their immunity to pests while actively incapacitating them. Plant medicines such as Lavender, Tulsi, and Chamomile are infused into Sacred Leaf Tonic not only to feed plants, but also for their inherently calming benefits to humans. Sink deeper into botanical bliss with the added aromatherapy while spraying your plants!

We are so grateful to be able to protect our precious plants with confidence using our botanical tonics and for all of you to do the same! And let’s be honest…. If you’re like us and have investment plants in your collection, protecting your babies is a MUST!

Every dose of Sacred Tonics doubles as an immune boosting drink, allowing for faster plant recovery and sustained health. Find our plant care tonics under the plant care tab here on our website.

Sending out the love and best wishes to you all.

Happy growing!

Kelly & Team SE 

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