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What's a saponin? And why does my plant want it?

Saponins are organic chemical compounds found in many plants and seeds (including some of our favorite foods) and when applied to plants through foliar or soil feeding, saponins have the unique ability to trick a plant into thinking it’s being attacked. When plants are attacked, they create and release aromas to protect themselves (think lavender and rosemary). Saponins trigger plant defensive system as these aromas both deter pests and attract beneficials.

Amazing right? Let's learn more!

Meet your plant's new best friend, soapnut berry! Part of the lychee family, this berry is perhaps best known as nature's soap. Humans have been using soapnut as an emulsifying agent for thousands of years to clean hands, dishes and laundry.

We've taken that unique emulsifying ability and used it as the perfect vehicle to blend our plant and tree oils together. When you mix up a batch of our concentrated botanical tonics, they disperse evenly throughout the water for an even application of foliar feeding and soil drenching.

Our solution for natural pest treatment

Saponins are also known to naturally increase pest mortality levels by acting as an appetite suppressant and by decreasing reproduction rates to slow the invasion and destruction of unwanted insects. We want your beloved green babies to be free of those little buggers too! For more in depth pest care guidance, check our pest blog library here.

Saponins naturally boost the overall immune system and health of the entire plant while increasing soil absorbency and the uptake of nutrients. This means more readily available nutrition for your plant to absorb more efficiently. Over time our tonics assist your plants to grow more resistant to pests and disease and become stronger with each application. You'll begin to notice the radiant health beaming from the inside out as the relationship between bacteria and mycorrhiza is nourished and supported allowing your plant to gain a strong immune system from the ground up!

What is mycorrhiza?

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between plant and fungi. The term mycorrhizae refers to the role of the fungus in the plant's 'rhizosphere' or root system. Mycorrhiza plays a vital role in soil health biology and soil chemistry and saponins play a vital role in the health of both!

Saponins, beneficial for humans too!

Ever notice the foamy suds that appear when you rinse chickpeas or quinoa?  That's the saponins!

Legumes contain a rich source of saponins namely kidney, soya and broad beans, lentils and chickpeas/garbanzo beans. Oats, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and flax are grains highest in saponins while garlic, onions, spinach, yucca, peas, alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, papaya and avocado all contain a healthy amount of saponins from the fruit and veggie world. 

Anyone care for a glass of saponin wine? Red wine, namely Zinfendel, contains saponins too! They come from the coatings on the skins of the grapes with the alcohol content of the red wine helping to increase your body's ability to absorb the saponins. Consuming saponin rich foods has been shown to help lower cholesterol, fight off cancer, and help to control blood sugar levels.


SAR, what's that stand for?

You may have heard of the term SAR when joining the plant parent world. Systemic Acquired Resistance or SAR is your plant's natural immune system kicking into gear. As saponins are responsible for triggering your plant's natural defenses, we've selected a few super stars as key ingredients in Sacred Soil and Sacred Leaf including soapnut berry, alfalfa, and fresh aloe vera.

We're thrilled to offer organic, earth friendly tonics to you and your green babies! We highly suggest using both Sacred Leaf and Sacred Soil Tonic as a (w)holistic treatment for your houseplants and garden. with up to 96 applications of concentrated goodness in each 4 ounce bottle and almost 200 applications for our 8oz size

To create a Sacred Soil Bath for your plants and enjoy this sensory ritual, click here for a step by step guide.

Want to learn even more about what makes these tonics so special? Have a seat with Karina and Ian, maker of our beautiful tonics in this 15 minute youtube video.

Wishing you and your green friends all kinds of love!

Be well friends, Karina and Team SE

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